Cybersecurity Protection Services

To address a challenge as big as cybersecurity, we work with Microsoft to help keep organizations secure. Together we are making a safer world.

Cybersecurity has become a crucial business risk that must be prioritized and actively addressed today.Tatratec’s services includes:

  • Offline Assessment for Active Directory Service
  • Enhanced Security Administrative Environment
  • Privileged Access Workstation
  • Advanced Threat Analytics Implementation Service
  • Cybersecurity Operations Service
  • Identification, quantification and reduction of the risks impacting the security.
  • Evaluation of Active Directory security posture and reduction of support costs.
  • To prevent credential theft attacks by limiting exposure of administrative credentials.
  • Administrative environment and workstations with enhanced security protection.
  • Protected workstations & monitoring the environment for security events and operational health
  • Help prevent the compromise of privileged account credentials from cyber-attacks.
  • Promote highly secured and usable workstations using credential hygiene.
  • PAW enforces credential hygiene by separating admin accounts from normal user accounts.
  • Dashboard of network threats.
  • Understanding of detected threats.
  • Identification of suspicious user and devices.
  • Readiness to respond against threats with training and response plan–definition workshops.