Tatratec is ISO 9001 Certified company founded in 2009.

Tatratec is an IT services company with the necessary infrastructure and know-how to provide the best technical Solution, implementation and high level competence for post installation support.

The company has achieved outstanding success in developing and delivering a stream of innovative products, services and solutions in the given field. Tatratec empowers business users with Fast Data solutions that make the right data available in real time for faster answers, better decisions, and smarter action.

Tatratec provides unified collaboration solutions. Using telepresence, video, and voice solutions and services, people connect and collaborate from their desktops, meeting rooms, class rooms.

Our solutions are to build great customer relationships and to help people and businesses realize their full potential. We ensure that the services and solutions provided/developed by us are user friendly and easy to operate.


Our company is based on initiative, creativity and knowledge. We are satisfied with what we do and proud to integrate an organization that respects values such as​:

  • Dedication and passion for excellence
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Collaboration and Respect
  • Diversity
  • Care about our colleagues and their quality of life
  • Talent retention and continuous motivation



To help our clients make distinctive improvements by leveraging best-of-breed technology and to build a great firm that is profitable and appeals to, helps develop and retains exceptional people.


Enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs,and reduce security risks by improving business insight, impact and process speed.


Eng. Khaled Sahli

Chairman of the Board

Sahli is responsible for developing high quality business strategies and plans, Overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall company's strategy and mission.

Mohammed Al-Qurashi

General Manager

Qurashi is responsible for implementing company policy and any changes to it and ensure the business performance heads in a positive direction.

Eng.Fahad Al-Sokhayri

Technical Manager

Eng.Fahad is responsible with every aspect of IT operation.Understanding strategic objectives,Developing an operations strategy,Designing the operation's products, services and processes,Planning and controlling.

Abdullah Alrdhan

Admin & HR Manager

Mr.Abdullah is responsible for managing all human resources related activities including recruitment, compensation, career development, performance measurement and company administration.

Eng.Talal Sahli

Sales & Marketing Manager

Eng.Talal is responsible for Researching and reporting on external opportunities and Understanding current and potential customers, Developing the marketing strategy and plan.

Eng.Abdul Rahman

Supply Chain Manager

Eng.Abdul Rahman is responsible for overseeing and managing Tatratec's overall supply chain and logistics strategy and operations in order to maximize the process efficiency and productivity.

Abdullah Faiz

Security Manager

Abdullah is responsible for implementing security policies, regulations, rules, and norms and make sure that the environment in Tatratec is safe for employers and visitors.

Eng.Rehan Yousuf

QA & Technical Lead

Eng.Rehan oversee a team of personnels focused on technical issues, including software development, product releases, engineering tasks, evaluate team's work processes and best practices. Also implement changes to streamline operations.